Ingredient - Seanol-P

“Seanol” is a trade name for standarized natural complexes of unique marine molecules which originate as second metabolites from specific brown algae. Seanol molecules with their chemical structures derived from dibenzo-p-dioxin skeleton represent a unique category of polyphenol often called phlorotannins. Their unique polyphenolic structures endow them with wonders of biological activities which are not found in terrestrial plants.

Seanol products are manufactured from edible algae through food compatible processes. So far several tens of thousands of people throughout the world have experienced this substance in various forms of product without side effects.

Multiple features of Seanol for cardiovascular protection have been discovered in vitro: promotion of Fibrinolysis by inhibition of antiplasmin, ACE inhibition, multiple modes of antioxidative protection.

Also, its antioxidant activities against various reactive oxygen species which are known to attack endothelial cells causing endothelial dysfunction have been confirmed to be highly potent in physiologically relevant concentrations. Seanol itself and its individual compounds showed potent reducing power and radical scavenging activities against DPPH radical, oxidized LDL and peroxynitrite.


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