Meet the CEO: Harry Drnec

11. October 2018
Meet the CEO: Harry Drnec

Meet the CEO: Harry Drnec

With over 40 years of experience, Harry Drnec is an accomplished leader in business, specifically the beverage space. Harry is originally from Chicago, and now resides in the United Kingdom. He’s known for building innovative teams and impactful brands. In fact, Harry is responsible for some of the biggest marketing efforts within the past few decades.

He served as Brand Manager of Anheuser-Busch where he led the team that introduced what is now the largest-selling beer in the world, Bud Light. Harry went on to a senior role at Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery and later re-joined Anheuser-Busch to launch Budweiser across Europe.

From there, Harry was named CEO of Red Bull UK. He came to Red Bull at a time when it was a struggling new soft drink company and Harry went about transforming the brand. Under Harry’s leadership, Red Bull went from selling 3 million cans per year to a whopping 3 billion cans within 12 years.

When you speak to Harry, his passion comes through clearly. With his illustrious career, Harry has chosen to put his focus on Sober Up® because of its core mission.

In Harry’s opinion, he believes that the success of Sober Up® will largely be learned from listening to the people. As a result, he has designed the Indiegogo campaign as a sounding board to hear directly from the people.

“I will provide my email to anyone who supports our Indiegogo campaign,” said Harry in a recent interview. “I want to hear your thoughts, questions and comments. I will respond to everyone directly because what I learn from you will be the key to our success.”

To find out more and contribute to the cause, please visit our Indiegogo page.

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