We support enjoying life and the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages. We believe people should always use good common sense around drinking and should act responsibly. Our product is not a replacement for your own good common sense.

We do not support underage drinking, excessive drinking, binge drinking or any other unsafe drinking behavior. Always drink responsibly. DO NOT drink and drive while using this product. NO statements regarding Sober Up®’s ability to lower BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) can be taken as guidelines for when a person can drive any type of vehicle. It is the sole responsibility of every single individual to ensure they are under the legal alcohol limit before driving or being in control of any vehicle with or without an engine.

This product does not prevent intoxication, alcohol poisoning or alcohol abuse.

The products offered on this website are not medicines. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. As with all supplements, consult a physician before taking our products. If you are suffering from a disease, or medical condition, you should consult a doctor. If you are taking medication and/or have a medical condition, consult your physician before use.

While pregnant or nursing, as with all supplements, consult a physician before taking our product. The information contained in the Company’s websites are provided for informational purposes only and are not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional. Do not use the information available on (or through) the Company’s website for diagnosing or treating a health problem and/or disease. Do not use the information available on (or through) the Company’s website for prescribing any medication.

In case of any allergies related to any of the ingredients contained in Sober Up®, consult your physician before use.

Statements made by this product have not been evaluated by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).



Our products are nutritional supplements, regarded as such in several European Community countries, which benefit from the free movement of goods within the EU. Under EU regulations, food supplements state they should not be used in replacement of a balanced diet.
Consult your doctor or pharmacist if concomitant diabetes treatment or anticoagulants is used.

Not recommended for women with a personal or family history of breast cancer. Should not be consumed by children/adolescents under the age of 12 years.

This food supplement should not be consumed by persons with thyroid disease or by persons who are aware of or have been identified being at risk of developing thyroid disease.

This food supplement should not be consumed if other food supplements containing iodine are also consumed.

You should check the legal status of these products in your country of residence. Sober Up® is not for sale in the UK because the name Sober Up® is regarded as an implied hangover prevention claim and a hangover is classed as a medical condition. Sober Up® is not licensed as a medicine.

All the active ingredients in Sober Up® are naturally sourced. Carefully read all product packaging prior to use. Individual results may vary.

The photographs on this website are intended as a guide only and are non-contractual; actual products may differ from the photographs.

We reserve the right to dispatch our products from any country in the European Community.































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