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Sober Up® with CBD

We’re busy working on the research and development on our next product, a combination of Sober Up® and CBD.


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Working together with High Times®

We partnered with the one and only High Times®, a huge influencer in the CBD space. Working together, Sober Up® and High Times® are spreading the growing evidence on CBD and its potential health benefits.

Future product development is underway… CBD

Why we’re excited about CBD

01 Almost every single day, we’re seeing new growing evidence that shows CBD’s potential ability to help people with physical and emotional ailments, including anxiety, physical pain and sleepless nights.
02 CBD has huge potential to empower our core mission of helping people enjoy life and feel great.
03 We want to do the research to find out if combining Sober Up® and CBD might help people with addictive behaviors. An independent study by the University College London has shown that smokers who wanted to give up smoking and were treated with CBD were 40% more successful than those who were given a placebo.