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Sober Up® is a detox shot made from naturally sourced ingredients. This powerful blend supports liver health, balance and mental clarity. Sober Up® focuses on the root cause of hangover (too much alcohol) which overloads the liver. It boosts the body’s own detoxification process and eliminates toxins.

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We help the body Help itself

Every person’s body is different and unique, and each body reacts to alcohol in its own way. That’s why our detox shot focuses on assisting and accelerating your body’s natural detoxification process to alleviate hangovers, instead of only masking random symptoms.

Sober Up® is a proprietary blend of naturally sourced ingredients. It’s designed to help prevent hangovers, support liver health and keep you feeling great.

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Choose when to use Sober Up

Sober Up™ can be taken before, during or after drinking. Everyone’s body is different, so find the way that works best for you.

Before drinking

To help reduce the physical side effects of drinking and maintain mental clarity.

During drinking

To help prevent getting “too drunk” and maintain mental stability.

After drinking

To help accelerate the body’s own detox process and faster hangover recovery.

A smarter way to enjoy Responsibly

Whether it’s a work lunch with business associates, a bottle of wine after the kids go to sleep or an all-out party weekend, many of life’s moments involve connecting with people over drinks.

Sober Up™ is a product that was created to help reduce the negative physical and mental effects of drinking, but let’s be clear: our product is not a replacement for good common sense.

Do not drink and drive. Respect your body’s limits. When you drink, do it responsibly.

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Be good to your Body & Mind

Our detox shot is based on a combination of Western science and an Eastern holistic approach to health. Composed of naturally sourced ingredients, Sober Up® supports mental clarity, liver health and hangover prevention.

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Only 11 calories Fits many healthy diets
Caffeine free Be easy on your system
Naturally sourced Proprietary blend of ingredients

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