We’re speeding up production of Sober Up® with CBD

15. November 2018
We’re speeding up production of Sober Up® with CBD

Due to the overwhelming support we’re receiving from the CBD community and success we’ve seen in our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, we’ve decided to accelerate our timing on research and development into adding CBD to our original formula.

We’re now aiming to have Sober Up® with CBD ready in early 2019. The CBD-infused Sober Up® will head into production soon and will likely be available to the public during Q1.

“It was a complete and natural decision for us to move forward at full speed based on feedback,” said our CEO Harry Drnec. “We have been overwhelmed with the various proponents and entities reaching out to us with such positive reviews and information.”

We intend to be on the forefront of CBD. As the CBD research moves from pre-clinical research to more clinical trial research, the results will lead the direction that our company takes with this additional line of products.

“From our planned CBD conference with High Times Media and industry leaders as well as the rollout of new products, Sober Up® wants to continue to help people feel and live the best life they can live,” said Drnec.

Stay tuned for more CBD updates!

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