2018 study shows potential of CBD in “the prevention of relapse to drug use”

9. November 2018
2018 study shows potential of CBD in “the prevention of relapse to drug use”

Earlier this year, a study published in Neuropsychopharmacology (yeah, just try saying that 3x fast!) showed the possible role CBD might play in helping with substance addiction.

The article explains that “[substance use disorder] relapse risk persists for multiple reasons including craving induced by drug contexts, susceptibility to stress, elevated anxiety, and impaired impulse control. Here, we evaluated the “anti-relapse” potential of a transdermal CBD preparation in animal models of drug seeking, anxiety and impulsivity.” 

The study used rats with alcohol or cocaine self-administration histories, and gave them CBD.

The findings showed CBD “reduced experimental anxiety and prevented the development of high impulsivity in rats with an alcohol dependence history. The results provide proof of principle supporting potential of CBD in relapse prevention along two dimensions: beneficial actions across several vulnerability states and long-lasting effects with only brief treatment.”

While this one study is not absolute proof that CBD will help every human with substance use disorders, we are still very encouraged at these findings and the potential good CBD might be able to do for people with substance use disorders.

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