Sober Up® partners with High Times

6. November 2018
Sober Up® partners with High Times

We’re very excited to announce our new partnership with High Times. Due to the undeniable momentum of CBD, Team Sober Up® has been planning and making preliminary moves to begin developing our next detox drink: Sober Up® with CBD.

Our CEO Harry Drnec explains, “We are proud to partner with High Times as they are at the forefront of CBD advancement and are committed to supporting the development of Sober Up® with CBD through collaboration, awareness and research. The research that has already been done with CBD on addiction, healing and liver health are just some of the reasons we are adding CBD into the Sober Up® line in the coming months.”

Working together, Sober Up® and High Times have created an upcoming CBD conference that will tackle many of the topics and questions that are arising from the rapid growth of the CBD market.

CBD industry experts and High Times executives at the conference will be addressing a variety of CBD topics, including how CBD works, reasonable use, legal aspects, innovations in the industry, policy reform and the future of green commerce as it relates to the CBD arena.

CBD has already shown great potential to help people with a variety of physical and emotional issues. Our team is ready to discover the potential of combining CBD with our original Sober Up® detox drink, and our partnership with High Times is exciting step on that journey.

To attend the CBD conference, you can order a perk package through the Sober Up® Indiegogo campaign before the campaign finishes up later this month. Make sure to select the CBD Super Supporter Pack, which includes two tickets to the CBD conference that will be held in Beverly Hills, CA.

See you at the conference!

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