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Meet the CEO: Harry Drnec

11. October 2018
Meet the CEO: Harry Drnec With over 40 years of experience, Harry Drnec is an accomplished leader in business, specifically the beverage space. Harry is originally from Chicago, and now resides in ...
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Funding goal reached in only 3 days!

9. October 2018
Team Sober Up® We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve already reached 100% of our initial Indiegogo raise goal of $45,000 in less than 3 days! This is a huge milestone for our company. We want to ta...
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We’re on Indiegogo!

5. October 2018
Team Sober Up We’ve just launched our Indiegogo campaign! We chose to launch Sober Up® through an Indiegogo campaign in an effort to better connect with the people who share our same vision to live...
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Life Is A Balancing Act.

Nicole G 11. July 2018
Life is a balancing act. At least, that’s what yoga has taught me. I forget that important lesson all the time but life has its own way of reminding me, time and time again.  As a small business ow...
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Chase The Night. Screw The Hangover.

Jennifer C 11. July 2018
Life is short. I don’t know about you, but I’m here to make every moment count. 
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My Competitive Edge

Richard B 11. July 2018
Ever since I was young, I competed. Competition is in my blood. In high school, I played three varsity sports. From there, I won a full athletic scholarship for wrestling at a university with a top...
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How To Handle An “Adult Hangover”

Ian P 11. July 2018
I woke up one day and realized I had a fulltime job, bills to pay, laundry to do, an apartment to clean and on and on. I had to admit that maybe, just maybe, I had become an adult. 
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Help your body help itself

Rune V 11. July 2018
Avocado Heavy drinking can deplete the mineral potassium, which is an essential electrolyte that maintains cellular fluid homeostasis. This can lead to muscle spasms, dizziness, and weakness, but l...
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Don't forget the big meal

Rune V 11. July 2018
Eat a balanced meal before the fun starts Before you take your first sip of alcohol, it is very important to make sure you had a proper meal to help regulate your body’s absorption of alcohol. A n...
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Skip the workout the day after

Rune V 11. July 2018
Working out when you're hungover may sound like a good idea, but it may be the worst thing you can do, particularly if you had a lot to drink the night before and you haven't started rehydrating y...

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