Sunday Fundays

26. October 2018
Sunday Fundays

Universal truths are hard to come by, but can we all agree on one thing? We love a good brunch.

Having a delicious brunch on Sunday with good friends and recapping life is a great way to end the weekend on a positive note. Meeting up with buddies, devouring your favorite breakfast food and enjoying a few mimosas is a recipe for good memories.

The only thing we don’t like about brunch is the fact that after a few brunch mimosas, you can get that mid-afternoon crash, which takes you from riding the good feeling of brunch and dives you into a groggy, lackluster, low-energy funk that keeps you from feeling energized for the week ahead.

That’s just one of the reasons we created our powerful detox shot, Sober Up®. Sober Up® helps reduce these negative post-brunch effects. It promotes mental clarity and boosts the body’s own detox process to eliminate the toxins that cause the body to feel sluggish and the brain to feel foggy.

You don’t have to suffer after a fun brunch. Simply take Sober Up® with a glass of water before, during or after brunch with your friends.


Our team has done the research and testing to create a powerful combination that can help you enjoy life responsibly. With less than one liquid ounce of our naturally sourced ingredients, you can have those mimosas and feel great afterwards.

Cheers to the weekend!

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