Funding Milestone: $75k Raised On Indiegogo

25. October 2018
Funding Milestone:  $75k Raised On Indiegogo

Since our official launch on Indiegogo in early October, the outpouring of support and enthusiasm for Sober Up® has been heartwarming. In our first week on Indiegogo, we were also one of Indiegogo’s Featured Campaigns due to the immediate support we received from people like you.

We are pleased to announce we have reached another big milestone. As of today, we have raised $75,000! (That’s 166% of our initial funding goal!)

The best part is that we still have 25 more days left to continue raising money that will be instrumental as we grow the company. Our funds raised through Indiegogo will be dedicated to three primary initiatives:

  1. Scaling up production, and starting online and retail sales.
  1. Reaching and partnering with people who share our same values, including people who are interested in liver health and hangover prevention.
  1. Enabling a new product development.

We’re on a mission to help people feel great. Please back us today and help us spread the message of Sober Up®.

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