We’re on Indiegogo!

5. October 2018
We’re on Indiegogo!

Team Sober Up

We’ve just launched our Indiegogo campaign! We chose to launch Sober Up® through an Indiegogo campaign in an effort to better connect with the people who share our same vision to live a healthier lifestyle while enjoying alcohol.

People who back us on Indiegogo will receive bottles of Sober Up at a discounted price and also get other fun perks. Please be aware that during this campaign, the Indiegogo page is the only place where you can purchase bottles of Sober Up.

Those who donate will also be able to communicate directly with Sober Up CEO Harry Drnec, who is also the Former Red Bull UK CEO. Drnec explains, “I want to hear from all our Indiegogo backers, because what I learn from them will be the key to our success.”

Our team will use the funds raised for our next steps, which include:

  1. Scaling up into large-scale production.

  2. Starting online and retail sales.

  3. Enabling new product development of Sober Up® with CBD.

“We have seen more and more evidence of the health benefits that come from CBD in medical studies. In fact, new research has shown CBD to be effective for addictive behavior. It would be a natural fit with Sober Up.”

We need your support! Please back us today to get your very own perk package of Sober Up bottles and other fun perks delivered right to your doorstep. You’ll be part of our mission to help people enjoy life responsibly and feel better.

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