A buzz is in the air…

19. October 2018
A buzz is in the air…

We’ve been thrilled to see that the story of Sober Up® and our CEO Harry Drnec has been getting picked up by media outlets across the world. From Boston to the United Kingdom, the buzz about our naturally sourced detox shot is making the rounds.

Our story has been featured in a wide variety of media outlets, including The Boston Herald, The San Francisco Times, The Sun, Bartender Journey, Market Watch, Foodbev Media, Tequila & Oak and so on.

We’d like to thank all those media outlets for their interest, but even more so, we’d like to thank you. The support we’ve received in our first 10 days since we launched our Indiegogo campaign has been tremendous.

It’s even helped us exceed our initial funding goal. As of this post, we’re already at 152% and we’re just getting started.

Please help us continue to make Sober Up® known to everyone who could benefit from its naturally sourced ingredients that help support liver health and prevent hangovers.

You can back us at our Indiegogo page here or simply share our message on your own social media using the buttons below.

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