Future Product Development: Sober Up® with CBD

18. October 2018
Future Product Development:  Sober Up® with CBD

While our original formula of Sober Up® detox shot is ready and waiting to be sent to your doorstep, we’re already looking to the future.

In this recent interview, our CEO Harry Drnec reveals some exciting news about a future product we're hoping to develop.

We believe CBD is a great fit with our core value of helping people feel great. But until we’re able to do more research, we won’t know all the ways this new combination of Sober Up® and CBD might be able to help people.

To see what’s possible with CBD, we need to fund the proper research, testing and development on a new product that combines Sober Up® with CBD.

Please help our team discover what’s possible and back our Indiegogo campaign today.

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