My Competitive Edge

Richard B 11. July 2018
My Competitive Edge


By Richard B., 44 years old 

Ever since I was young, I competed. Competition is in my blood. In high school, I played three varsity sports. From there, I won a full athletic scholarship for wrestling at a university with a top 10 business school. 

Now, as a grown man, when I compete, it looks different from the outside. These days, I’m usually competing in a boardroom instead of a gym, but the core drive is still the same: compete. 

I respect that competition makes us better. Our competitive streak is what gives us the motivation to work harder, run faster and reach further. 

So what makes a good competitor? How does one thrive and not crack under the pressure? It’s how we react to stress. When things get tough, we can rise to the occasion, but no one said it was going to be easy. 

When I entered the business world, I had to adapt. I wasn’t able to get into the gym every day like I wanted. I had financial targets to hit and clients to entertain. In my line of work, it’s not uncommon for our biggest wins to be made over a few cocktails at a swanky lounge instead of the standard meeting at the office. 

Now, while I didn’t mind enjoying late nights filled with strong drinks, my body and mind were starting to send a few red flags after nights of heavy drinking. No one is accusing me of being a “spring chicken” anymore. 

When I’d wake up in the mornings after entertaining clients and business partners, I noticed I did not have the same focus. I would feel groggy, worn out and lacking the mental clarity I had come to expect and demand from myself. 

We all know that 8 hours of sleep, working out daily and eating like an angel is ideal. We also all know that’s not always a realistic option. 

I still thrived in the competition of business, and I wanted to keep it that way for years to come. So how would I react to the physical and mental stress of drinking alcohol? I decided to search for something that fit my busy lifestyle and competitive streak. 

Sober Up was the hangover prevention and competitive edge I was looking for. It came in a small liquid detoxification shot that went down easy. Its proprietary blend stood out from the field. I liked that Sober Up is designed to support the liver’s own detoxification process, instead of trying to only mask random hangover symptoms (like many of its unsophisticated alternatives). 

I use Sober Up both during and after drinking. By using it during drinking, it can help prevent me from getting “too intoxicated” and also helps me maintain mental clarity long into the drinking. After drinking, it neutralizes the toxins from alcohol and helps my body recover faster. 

I had an upcoming industry conference where a lot of big names were going to do two things: have an incredible time away from home and invest their money accordingly. I ordered a small truckload of Sober Ups and booked my flight—in that order. I went into each meeting confident because I was “ready for battle.” 

Deep into the nighttime activities, I stayed sharp and clearheaded while the competition got sloppy and quite frankly stupid. And in the mornings, I had mental clarity without the normal pounding headache and energy slumps of a hangover. 

I was firing on all cylinders. Sober Up was the edge I was looking for, and it’s what I recommend to my business partners who want to stay sharp while entertaining clients. 

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