Sober up testimonial

Justine Anne

Miracle! Not only did it give me a clear head 30 minutes after taking it, i actually didn't crave carbs and sweet things after a big night. Love how it is natural and it works. Thanks so much for the creation.

 Birmingham, United Kingdom



Sober up testimonial

Mahendra Jones

Tried this in London a few weeks ago. Felt clear and full of energy which was amazing! Love what you guys are doing...keep up the great work 




Sober up testimonial

Adrian Allen

Best product ever! Saved me after experiencing the wrath of too many flaming Ferrari's! I would recommend this to anyone.

London, United Kingdom



Sober up testimonial

Melissa O`Brien

SoberUp is a miracle cure, couldn't recommend it highly enough, buy it now!

London, United Kingdom



Sober up testimonial

Patrick Eckstrom

Great tasting and works like magic!!! Highly recommend trying it for yourself.




Sober up testimonial

Patrick Andre Mielmann

Finally, a product that is all natural and really saves the day after a great night out

Munich, Germany



Sober up testimonial

Alex Boutte

A miracle in a bottle! Not only has it helped me stay level during a long night out on the town, but also helps get me going in the morning. Definitely recommend to anyone who works hard and plays harder!

Scottsdale, Arizona



Sober up testimonial

Erin Grever


Had my birthday weekend last weekend & knew it would be a long one. Started with brunch on Saturday at noon & had to last thru the night. Had one before I started drinking. Another at 8pm w/ a glass of water and then again before bed! Saved my life! I was ready to rock Sunday am!!


San Diego, California



Sober up testimonial


Fred Cei

Hands down the most effective way to revive your system after long air-travel and/or lots of social drinking. Just one Sober up gives me the edge I need to bounce back quickly. Can't say enough great things.

Location N/A



Sober up testimonial

Kelly Ann

Amazing!! Love this product, all natural ingredients and perfect to help you stay fresh after a late night

Ibiza, Spain



Sober up testimonial

Uwe Gabriel Albert

Complimenti from italia perfect product

Milan, Italy



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